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New 20 ft. mobile storage units
with easy-open 1 handle latch.
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Protect What Matters to You. Iron Horse Mobile Storage can deliver a secure, weatherproof mobile storage unit to your location in Central or South Texas. Our portable storage units are used by a variety of businesses including retailers, restaurants, construction companies, ranchers and others. Mobile storage containers can be used in many locations and are constructed of 14 gauge corrugated steel and have 32 layer marine grade plywood floors. Please go to our “Dimensions” page for a description of the different sizes of storage containers that are available.

Ideal for Business or Residential Use
What can be stored using mobile storage containers?

Many items, here are a few: Furniture, Excess Inventory, Building Supplies, Farm and Ranch Storage, Documents, Tools and Equipment, Vehicle Garage, Temporary Housing and Hunting Camps.

Portable Containers Have Advantages.
Why Pour a Slab?

A portable storage unit can be placed on your property in a matter of minutes. In that short time, you can have a secure, weatherproof structure you can count on for decades. If needed, your mobile storage container can be moved from one location to another. In contrast, a permanent building may take days or weeks to build, be plagued with labor issues, building problems and weather delays. Then, once it is built, a permanent structure can’t be moved.

Rent a Mobile Storage Container.
Why Settle for “Off Site” Storage?

Are you tired of driving to a rental storage facility and then working your way through the entrance and maze of storage units? Imagine having your storeroom in your backyard. Your belongings are available just steps away in a securely locked, weatherproof steel fortress. Be sure to check local zoning laws and for necessary delivery room.

Mobile Storage Units Protect.
Why Use an Insecure Portable Building?

Mobile shipping containers are made for the high seas, but overseas shipping is not the only use for portable containers. People are attracted to steel containers because of the dependable ability to resist leakage and prevent theft. Be a part of the growing number of people who rest assured knowing their belongings are safe inside a shipping container. Portable steel containers are always windproof, watertight and highly secure. Regardless of your location or time of year, a storage container from Iron Horse Mobile Storage will withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it. This same strength also makes it nearly impossible for criminals to break in, steal or vandalize your property. Iron Horse Mobile Storage also offers customized locking systems to make a unit even more secure. We protect what matters to you.

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